Family Owned & Operated

Meet The Pilatos

The Family Behind Elite Tabletops

Welcome to Elite Tabletops, where our family’s passion meets innovation in the world of restaurant advertising. We are Maria and Tony Pilato, the heart and soul behind this unique venture that intertwines the charm of family values with cutting-edge advertising solutions.

Our Journey

It all started with a simple idea – to revolutionize the way businesses advertise in restaurants. With our combined expertise in marketing and a deep love for the restaurant industry, we envisioned a service that benefits both advertisers and restaurant owners. That’s how Elite Tabletops was born.

Crafting Excellence, Nurturing Trust

The Pilato Promise

At Elite Tabletops, our promise is built on three pillars: Quality, Innovation, and Trust. We handpick each table to ensure it meets our high standards of style and durability, reflecting the care we put into every aspect of our service. Innovation is at the core of what we do; finding new ways to make restaurant advertising engaging and effective. Above all, we value trust – the foundation of our relationships with both trusted partners and restaurant owners.

Our Commitment to Trustworthy Partnerships

At Elite Tabletops, we believe the foundation of any successful relationship is trust. Our mission is to create an online environment that not only simplifies your journey with us but also fosters a deep sense of confidence and comfort in every interaction. We are dedicated to being a partner you can rely on—transparent, credible, and consistently reliable.

With verified testimonials and a track record of dependable service, we go above and beyond to demonstrate our unwavering commitment to the community. Our promise is to deliver not just a product, but a partnership built on the principles of honesty and integrity. We invite you to experience the Elite Table tops difference, where every handshake, every deal, and every table we provide strengthens the bonds of our shared community.

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